Nice to Meet You!

Celebration . Magnet . Wisdom . Heart . Light

I am a Soulful Female Empowerment + Relationship Coach who went on 200 first and second dates before she met the love of her life.  My husband and I are the co-founders of We Meet Again: Coaching for Couples and Singles where we bring you together to align with your essence and purpose as a couple or in finding your mate.  With my vast experiences in dating, coaching, teaching, and leading, I am on a soul journey to support others find love in themselves, with a partner, and love in everything they do. Within a week of starting my business, I began changing the lives of my clients by connecting them to their soul’s purpose.  I am sought after for my heart-centered approach to coaching, welcoming presence, powerful leadership, and magnetic force for women across the country to love themselves in order to create.


I want to be the one you empower, so I can empower you!


I am the passionate co-founder of the Dare to Empower initiative for female teachers and girls in schools. I am the purpose-driven leader of the Love in Reflection Program where women heal, honor, and empower love through their mirrored reflection.  I use my many platforms to lift the women of the world up as they honor and live a life connected to their soul’s purpose. Robert and I, are RISE Leadership Circle speakers, mastermind support coaches, and workshop presenters. We are also featured in several podcasts and are program coaching for Accomplishment Coaching. When I am not coaching, I'm learning new spiritual and empathic practices, competing in triathlons, boating, learning tarot, making s’mores, soaking up nature and snuggling and adventuring with her love, Robert Conlin. 

Currently, Robert and I have a 1 year old miracle baby Forest, who captivated the world with his strength and courage.  We all love to spend our time in nature, boating, swimming and doing yoga.