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My Story

My story begins before this lifetime and will continue after.  I am the embodiment of lifetimes traveled and have been training for this mastery life as a healer, wisdom teacher, light worker, and leader.  During this life, I have had the opportunity to practice radical healing, resilience, faith, peace, and power.  In order to fully grasp where I want to go with you and our connection, I believe in the power of story to open you up to my being (who I am in this lifetime). So please take a moment to fully receive the love that was created in my journeying.  

As the lifejacket pulled me up from the rushing water, I knew something was drastically wrong.  My leg was moving side-to-side from the middle of my thigh.  I had snapped my femur in half and later discovered it was also shattered throughout.  After a dramatic rescue and reconstructive surgery, where I almost lost my leg, I was wheelchair and walker bound for almost a half a year.  I had the privilege of learning to walk again through excruciating pain, persistence, resilience, determination, and sheer will. I trusted this experience was part of a bigger story for me and felt in my bones the silver lining would come.  I trusted that this experience could lead me to a deeper sense of strength, serenity, healing and power. I still feel massive pain daily, and know that this experience is a constant reminder to live in gratitude. 


My big silver-lining came on March 23, 2020 at 20 weeks pregnant. My water broke the same day Illinois shut down for Covid at Ikea of all places. Covid's shutdown was scary enough for a pregnant new mother, let alone navigating the impending loss of a child. We were given the choice to terminate, wait until spontaneous expulsion, or until I got septic.  None of these choices were acceptable.  Three years ago, we chose magic and miracles over stats.  Forest was given less than 1% chance to live with a 98% chance he'd have severe disabilities.  We refused to believe that.  One day, shortly after my water broke, while laying in bed, I heard a voice that whispered, everything is going to be okay.  I couldn't wait to tell Robert when he got out of the shower.  As he sat down on the bed newly washed, he shared that someone had whispered in his ear that everything was going to be okay.  We both received the same message from Spirit at the same time.  To this day, I get overcome with chills for the faith that was instilled in us on that day.  While in my hospital room by myself for 10 weeks, I lovingly embodied Forest's guardian.  A container for miracles.  He was born healthy and whole after 13 weeks without amniotic fluid. I had a massive spiritual awakening during this time and was intensely connected with the Divine.  I was also coaching my clients during this time, was connected with all my healers, and took on more self-care than I ever had before.  I still use the practices created in that love bubble daily and support my clients in their self-care creation.


Beyond my resilience-generating experiences, I am a nature lover, world traveler, yogi, mama, wife, coach, and empath, I am known for creating miracles in my life and the lives of my clients.  Something special happens when you have a coach who believes in your limitless possibilities and sees you for who you are and for who you yearn to be.  Creation in partnership magnifies goals and dreams and the impact on lives is immeasurable. Please know I am well-versed in complex conversations that dive deep into soul desires.  If this is aligning with you, please reach out.  You will be held in the space with me.  

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More about me

I have a loving husband and miracle babe who are always supporting my growth journey. We are eachother's catalysts for change, growth, connection, and love.  We are so grateful Forest chose us to be his parents and it is our Divine calling to be a family. 
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