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Forest Sunrays

Shona Moeller Coaching

Spiritually Led Empowerment + Relationship Coaching

Welcome, I am so grateful you're here. 


I have an invitation for you.  Breathe.  Put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and breathe all the way down to the bottom of your lungs at least 3 times.  I'll be here when your eyes open.  

I know it takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to the idea of a coach so I want to acknowledge you for taking the first steps in your journey.  I see you and understand what that search is like because I've been there.  Please know you are energetically held in this space.  

My second invitation comes in the form of your first practice.  As you navigate this site, I welcome you to continue deep breathing.  Our breath is our connection to the present moment and our intuition.  I believe that you are here on your journey for a reason and it is an honor to be connected with you. I trust in the divine connection being created with our path’s crossing. While you are here, take time to listen and feel for things that light you up. Does your heart feel expanded? How does this energetic experience make you feel? Do my words and stories resonate in a way that makes you feel like a soul-yes to me supporting you?


I trust in the wisdom of your intuition, your body, and your connection with spirit, even when you might not be clear what your intuition and body are saying.  Our energies, heart, and bodies often know before our brains do.  So invite them as you journey on my site.  

As you read through, you will discover I'm a mixture of highly intuitive guide that mixes boots-on-the-ground experiences to create magic and miracles.  I believe this potent mixture is a recipe for transformation, magic, and wonder.  I welcome you warrior as you navigate all there is to life and I trust you will connect and reach out if we are aligned to work together.  

Many blessings, 


Client Praise

"It's one of the most profound things I've experienced in all my years of transformation.  I've had progress in unexpected areas that has far reaching impact in so many areas.  Far more came from this than I ever would have imagined.  This is a clear exercise in reminding me of possibility and the extraordinary things that I'm capable of.  I love you." 

Jeff Business Owner

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