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Live in Love

The Truth about our Pandemic Pregnancy, What we learned about love, and what it has to do with you.

Our approach to love has been featured World-Wide

We've been featured on lots of tv shows for our socially distant date nights. Though, what's behind the scenes, for us, are the most important things that have been tested: our relationship to one another, our relationship to our son—Forest— in Mommy’s belly, and how we teach and coach. Learn the five key trials we’ve been through as a couple and what it has to do with you (and your current or future relationship). Grab it here right now, for free. 

Shona Moeller 
International Female Empowerment + Relationship Coach

I support women to shift their mindset and love themselves so they can unleash their beauty, create thriving relationships, and empower their lives everywhere.  

"It's the best money I've ever spent" - Doreen

I know you are successful. And, it's likely you have an area of your life that is missing fulfillment, love, connection, power, or passion.  I help my clients through mindset work, 200+ tools, energetic practices, and self love discovery, so they can create their inspired and purpose-driven lives.

I support clients across the country: 

  • love themselves in a way never before imagined

  • double their income in more joyful careers

  • find love on the exact date they declared to meet their match

  • empower a stronger bond with their partner & themselves

  • start several entrepreneurial businesses

  • save their businesses from ruin

  • move across the country

  • leave a partner who isn't right for them.  

  • and so much more... the testimonials say it all.


We Meet Again: Coaching for Couples and Singles

My husband and I also support you to create intentional and loving relationships together as a married coaching couple.  

Loving Sentiments

"Each conversation has been impactful and touched my soul.  They've been profound.  How I carry myself has shifted from where I was a couple months ago.  Without this work, and your help, I feel more physically and mentally fit.  Thank you, thank you thank you for being my unconditional partner and taking a stand for me.  I now have a new relationship with scarcity that serves me in terms of quality of life.  Scarcity use to be a cloud in my life.  I've learned to love scarcity and by doing that, I'm not in a scarcity conversation.  It's one of the most profound things I've experienced in all my years of transformation.  I've had progress in unexpected areas that has far reaching impact in so many areas.  Far more came from this than I ever would have imagined.  This is a clear exercise in reminding me of possibility and the extraordinary things that I'm capable of.  I love you." 


Jeff / Business Owner / Chicago, Illinois 

"Life coaching is different. Life coaching is, at it's core, EMPOWERMENT.


In the last 3 months, my weekly sessions with Shona have taught me more about who I am, than 18-years of therapy ever did.


It has allowed me to focus on who I am NOW (while still understanding and recognizing how my past has shaped me) and who I WANT TO BE in the future. 


After 3 months of life coaching, I feel empowered for the first time in my life. The debilitating and relationship-damaging anxiety that I have suffered with my whole life is now manageable and almost non-existent. I no longer react to stressful work situations with fear and anxiety. I am learning to trust the people who are closest to me. I have better relationships with my family, husband, and most importantly, with myself. I have perspective. I have changed. I am empowered."

Robyn / Nurse Practitioner / Los Angeles, California

Shona's patient and totally open-minded coaching style helped draw me out of my insecurities with sharing personal thoughts and feelings, and really engage with the process of deciding where I want to go in life, and how to get there. She allowed me space to share my past and present feelings in a way that led to understanding patterns in my behavior. Knowing Shona over 20 years, she came back into my life at a huge graduation milestone and provided me accountability to prepare for the next steps that I designed for myself professionally. Shona even recognized that while I was putting in a lot of time and energy thinking about myself as a single woman and where I wanted to go in life, maybe I wanted to create space for romantic love?

...what do you know, I met someone on the exact day I declared in one of our sessions! 

Allie / Lawyer / Chicago, Illinois

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