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More Loving Sentiments

"Shona came highly recommended as a Life Coach and after working with her for some time, I now know exactly why. In the short time I’ve been working with her, I’ve come to know things about myself that I never knew before. I’m grateful for her assistance in helping me identify behaviors and habits that have become roadblocks in my life. Working with her, I've been able to move these out of the way, and set myself up for a more open and successful future.


She has such a soft, caring and compassionate approach.  She is confident, full of amazing insight, and has a loving energy that is completely contagious.  Our sessions together are always filled with humor and laughter, which helps keep things light even though we touch on some very significant life situations.  I highly recommend Shona. Anyone who gets to know and work with her will come to know how truly beautiful they themselves are in this world."  

Rebecca / Entrepreneur / Columbus, Ohio

"I worked with Shona for six months. During this time, she guided me through fear to the edges of my comfort zone. She led me back to my heart and helped me discover that uncertainty coexists with possibility. As a result of our work together, I found the courage to create the change I desired; I let go of a job and relationship that no longer served me.  This is a great opportunity and I received a 50% salary increase. I’m positioned to create a life that truly aligns with my essence and purpose. Thank you, Shona, for the life changing guidance and support." 


Anne-Preston/ Physical Therapist / Chicago, Illinois 

"It's the best money I've ever spent! My daughter was overwhelmed with school, sports and making friends. It was a difficult time!  I contacted Shona because self-esteem and confidence was low and talking to Mom was “out of the question”. Shona guided my daughter to the p

inicale of her self advocacy, the realization of her sport and her potential and taught her that, no matter what, her ability to make friends was not dependent upon her past, present or future. 

Shona taught my daughter to respect herself first, stand up to herself and breathe confidence and to have a  vision for her future. 

This experience with Shona has changed my daughter, her vision of herself and her future.

If you think your teen has more potential than they are experiencing, then I suggest you contact Shona to help achieve your teens full potential!!"

Doreen / Teacher & Parent / Libertyville Illinois

"Having this time with Shona, I learned new things about myself in many different ways. She supported me to believe in myself and to give myself the confidence I need in school and in swimming. One thing that I found very valuable is to not be hard on myself and to be the best person I can be. I am very thankful for this experience and am very grateful for her."

Casey / High School Student - Elite Swimmer / Libertyville, Illinois

"I valued the weekly coaching, because it provided accountability and time to work on ME without distraction.  During our time, Shona helped navigate and redirect my thoughts toward my purpose. 


Shona has an invaluable gift to establish trust with strong questioning that enabled self-discovery.  This self-discovery lead me to my personal journey of finding my inner strengths, purpose, and connected me to my life goals.  So many thank you's."                                                         

Anne / Retired Teacher / St. Petersburg, Florida

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