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Doreen, Teacher

"It's the best money I've ever spent! My daughter was overwhelmed with school, sports and making friends. It was a difficult time!  I contacted Shona because self-esteem and confidence was low and talking to Mom was “out of the question”. Shona guided my daughter to the pinocle of her self-advocacy, the realization of her sport and her potential and taught her that, no matter what, her ability to make friends was not dependent upon her past, present, or future. Shona taught my daughter to respect herself first, stand up to herself and breathe confidence and to have a  vision for her future. 

This experience with Shona has changed my daughter, her vision of herself and her future. If you think your teen has more potential than they are experiencing, then I suggest you contact Shona to help achieve your teens full potential."

Jeff, Business Owner

"Each conversation has been impactful and touched my soul.  They've been profound.  How I carry myself has shifted from where I was a couple months ago.  Without this work, and your help, I feel more physically and mentally fit.  Thank you, thank you thank you for being my unconditional partner and taking a stand for me.  I now have a new relationship with scarcity that serves me in terms of quality of life.  Scarcity use to be a cloud in my life.  I've learned to love scarcity and by doing that, I'm not in a scarcity conversation. 


It's one of the most profound things I've experienced in all my years of transformation.  I've had progress in unexpected areas that has far reaching impact in so many areas.  Far more came from this than I ever would have imagined.  This is a clear exercise in reminding me of possibility and the extraordinary things that I'm capable of.  I love you." 

Robyn, Nurse Practioner

"Life coaching is different. Life coaching is, at it's core, EMPOWERMENT.


In the last 3 months, my weekly sessions with Shona have taught me more about who I am, than 18-years of therapy ever did.


It has allowed me to focus on who I am NOW (while still understanding and recognizing how my past has shaped me) and who I WANT TO BE in the future. 


After 3 months of life coaching, I feel empowered for the first time in my life. The debilitating and relationship-damaging anxiety that I have suffered with my whole life is now manageable and almost non-existent. I no longer react to stressful work situations with fear and anxiety. I am learning to trust the people who are closest to me. I have better relationships with my family, husband, and most importantly, with myself. I have perspective. I have changed. I am empowered."

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