1:1 Coaching


Create the life you want from the inside.


Private Coaching

Women face unique challenges and opportunities like pressure to be perfect, burn out, internal/external pressure, stress, and overwhelm.  We get scared to make bold moves, follow our heart, and make decisions.  We deny our intuition and focus on what others want vs what listening for what lights our souls up. 

Have you been putting yourself on the back burner?

Through mindset shifts + empowerment coaching I support women to:

  • Make empowered decisions from the heart

  • Discover where they are shrinking themselves

  • Find purpose in everything they do

  • Follow their heart

  • Find access to the power they hold within

  • Find and be in loving relationships with themselves and current or future partners


Focus areas: Relationship to self, partner, career, well-being, money, spirituality, intuition, life-balance, burnout, and more.  

How it works:1 hour a week, 4 calls a month, 6 month minimum contract

Client Testimonial

"Shona came highly recommended as a Life Coach and after working with her for some time, I now know exactly why. In the short time I’ve been working with her, I’ve come to know things about myself that I never knew before. I’m grateful for her assistance in helping me identify behaviors and habits that have become roadblocks in my life. Working with her, I've been able to move these out of the way, and set myself up for a more open and successful future.


She has such a soft, caring and compassionate approach.  She is confident, full of amazing insight, and has a loving energy that is completely contagious.  Our sessions together are always filled with humor and laughter, which helps keep things light even though we touch on some very significant life situations.  I highly recommend Shona. Anyone who gets to know and work with her will come to know how truly beautiful they themselves are in this world."  

Rebecca / Entrepreneur / Columbus, Ohio