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Empowerment + Relationship Coaching


Private Coaching

​For generations, women have encountered unique challenges that demand the pressure to be perfect, which creates burnout, disconnection, discontent, anger, stress, and overwhelm.  These external pressures have us scared to make moves that are right for our souls, we are disconnected from our intuition, we struggle to follow our hearts, and make decisions.  We deny our soul-yes’s and focus on what others want vs what listening for what lights our souls up. 

Have you been putting yourself on the back burner?

Through connection with spirit, mindset shifts + empowerment coaching I support women to:

  • Make empowered decisions from the heart

  • Discover where they are shrinking themselves

  • Find purpose in everything they do

  • Follow their heart

  • Find access to the power they hold within

  • Find and be in loving relationships with themselves and current or future partners


Focus areas: Relationship to self, partner, career, well-being, money, spirituality, intuition, life balance, burnout, and more.  

How it works: 1 hour a week, 3 or 4 calls a month, 6-month minimum contract

Ann-Preston, Physical Therapist

"I worked with Shona for six months. During this time, she guided me through fear to the edges of my comfort zone. She led me back to my heart and helped me discover that uncertainty coexists with possibility. As a result of our work together, I found the courage to create the change I desired; I let go of a job and relationship that no longer served me.  This is a great opportunity and I received a 50% salary increase. I’m positioned to create a life that truly aligns with my essence and purpose. Thank you, Shona, for the life changing guidance and support." 

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