Workshops + National Speaker

Partnering with audiences and groups to enhance relationships

Workshops + National Speaking


We Meet Again: Coaching For Couples + Shona Moeller Coaching Workshop/Speaking engagements:

Upcoming events:

  • Date Night: June 2021

Past events:

  • October 4-6: Featured speakers + workshop presenters @ We Rise: Leadership Circle Retreat

  • September 21: Keep Being Amazing @ NIU Women's Law Caucus (Shona Moeller Coaching)

  • June 29: Design the next steps in your relationship @ Next Door Chicago

  • June 1- Next Door Chicago

  • May 3-5 - Featured Panelists @ The RISE Leadership Retreat, Savannah GA

  • April 27 - Nurture your Relationship @ Next Door Chicago


These customized workshops will jump start any dream. Workshops are powerful opportunities to benefit from awesome tools, accountability, and a space for you to begin that project you've been putting off.  You will walk away with a stronger connection to yourself, have a support structure with like-minded people, and generate practices to guide you in creating the life experiences you REALLY want.  The time is NOW! 

Dare To Empower: Empowering women and girls in schools
I am a co-founder and creator of a female empowerment initiative in schools.  Dare to Empower.  We support 500+ girls and 90+ women to empower themselves through Lunch & Learn, clubs, service + community projects, supporting girls of color, and helping our male allies and partners spread issues of equity.
I want to be a part of your empowerment experience.  I travel across the country to lead workshops and speak.  If you looking to expand your power, learn how to build female empowerment initiatives, and create loving relationships, connect below.