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Speaking + Workshops


I am a co-founder and creator of a female empowerment initiative in schools.  Dare to Empower.  We support 500+ girls and 90+ women to empower themselves through Lunch & Learn, clubs, service + community projects, supporting girls of color, and helping our male allies and partners spread issues of equity.
I want to be a part of your empowerment experience.  I travel across the country to lead workshops and speak.  If you looking to expand your power, learn how to build female empowerment initiatives, and create loving relationships, contact me HERE.


Robert + I speak and lead workshops across the country on relationships through our We Meet Again: Coaching for Couples and Singles business.  Our mission is to bring you together. 
As a married couple who coaches together, we provide a unique + depthful experience for our couples and singles to discover ways to create the relationship they want and deserve.  Visit our WEBSITE.  We'd love to meet you.  
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